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Emmanuela Cosmetics is a high-end, luxury skincare and cosmetics brand that was created by Yvonne Tazem.  Yvonne has always felt a deep passion for women’s financial empowerment through entrepreneurship as well as a love for beautiful skin through clean skincare products.  

Yvonne and her family migrated to the United States from Cameroon when she was young.  She grew up with a strong work ethic and real entrepreneurial drive; both have always been a part of her.  Yvonne always wanted to explore her own entrepreneurial dreams while at the same time, to create a profound global impact and really empower women financially.  

At a certain point, Yvonne also noticed that the texture of her skin was beginning to change, her complexion was becoming uneven and she couldn’t find a suitable product to restore her skin’s youthful softness and glow.  Yvonne tried countless products but they all irritated her skin.  So, rather than rely on other brands, she decided to find something herself.  

Eventually, Yvonne discovered the perfect formula to resolve her skin challenges and she made a big decision to launch her very own skincare brand.  That decision would encompass her passion for beautiful skin, her entrepreneurial skills and her deep desire to empower women globally.  It was the beginning of Emmanuela Cosmetics.




 Premium quality skincare and cosmetics brand designed to empower women globally



 Our Mission

Emmanuela Cosmetics is a high quality, luxury skincare using key ingredients and formulas that are time-tested and scientifically proven to help skin stay healthy and retain its smooth, soft, plump texture appearance. 

 A Brand that Transcends Age

The collection is especially designed for all women, that means those embarking on a skincare routine, women in their early 20’s right through to experiencing the first signs of aging and beyond. One of the defining characteristics of our brand is that it only uses powerful, active ingredients that work in synergy.  The result is the most effective and targeted blends available for each different skin concern.

 Beautiful Skin using Kind Ingredients

Emmanuela Cosmetics does not use fillers or ingredients that do not benefit the skin or that do not harmonize with the other ingredients in each product.  Our brand does not believe in harmful chemicals so our customers always receive the very best quality ingredients that really work hard together to produce a fabulous skin, from the inside out.


 We Do Not Test on Animals We are Non-toxic, Paraben-Free, GMO-Free, Organic and Vegan


 We are 100% cruelty free and all of our products are organic and vegan.  We don’t believe in harsh chemicals and so our products don’t contain parabens, toxins or anything that might cause harm or irritation.  Additionally, wherever we can, we use as many natural and organic ingredients as possible.  We are also GMO free, gluten free and sulfate free.

 Always in Synergy

Our skincare and cosmetics products work well together but can also be used individually.  We want Emmanuela Cosmetics to cover all of your skincare, from start to finish.

 Join the Emmanuela Cosmetics and Skincare Revolution!

We want you to count on us for the best possible skincare you could find and in turn, we’re counting on you to join us!  Spread the Emmanuela word as we embark on our mission to empower women globally through entrepreneurship together with healthy, beautiful skin.