Transform Your Skin and Get Your Glow On

 Your skin is your best accessory, and the quest for beautiful skin is something that all women can relate to. The problem is that the journey to perfect skin often is filled with empty promises that leave you frustrated and hopeless. We get it; all you want is that natural glow. You want to be able to go make-up-free and still look flawless, even on sweltering hot days. Is that too much to ask? 

 We hear you. At Emmanuela Cosmetics, we believe in the power of skincare. It’s all about confidence—what kind of relationship do you have with your skin? When you love your skin, you glow from the inside out. And that is precisely how we want you to feel. 

 Along with helping you feel comfortable in your skin, all of our products are made with the finest ingredients—we do not use any fillers or harmful chemicals like parabens, toxins, or anything that can cause damage or irritation. Our products are carefully crafted with the best quality ingredients that harmoniously help you achieve that natural glow. We are also 100% cruelty-free. All of our products are vegan and, wherever we can, we use natural and organic ingredients. We are also GMO-free, gluten-free, and sulfate-free. 

 Emmanuela Cosmetics is more than just a skincare brand. We are in the business of bringing back your glow and giving you the confidence you need to step out in the world, make-up-free and ready to conquer the day. 


 Meet our Founder: Yvonne Tazem

 Hi there, I’m Yvonne Tazem, the owner and founder of Emmanuela Cosmetics. For several years, I suffered from horrible hyperpigmentation. As you can imagine, my skin issues severely impacted my self-confidence, so much so that I was even afraid to leave my house without makeup. I hated the appearance of my skin. 

 After trying many different products without any success, I decided to take matters into my own hands. After many tests, failed attempts, plus a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, I was able to discover a formulation that worked for my sensitive skin. 

 At first, it was something that I created for myself, but my sister commented on how beautiful my skin looked makeup-free and asked what I was using. I gave her a month’s supply of the product, and in no time, she also saw an improvement in her skin. 

 And that’s when it hit me.  

 The serum had essentially transformed my skin, giving me back my confidence. I was finally happy to show off my glow—no makeup required. But solving my skin problems was not enough; I wanted to share this feeling with other women—women who battle with hyperpigmentation and skin sensitivity; women who don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup; and women who are insecure about their skin. I wanted to create an inclusive brand of skincare that works for various skin types and conditions. 

 And that is how Emmanuela Cosmetics was born! :)

If you are ready to get back your skin confidence, choose whether you want to wear make-up or not, or show off your glowing bare skin, then you are in the perfect place. Emmanuela Cosmetics is high-quality luxury skincare that uses key ingredients and formulas that are time-tested and scientifically proven to help skin stay healthy. Our luxury vegan skincare helps your skin retain moisture while providing a glowing smooth, and soft texture.

Cheers to your new glow.