Founder's Story

Made By a Skincare Expert, Inspired by Love

Hello! I am Yvonne Tazem, founder of Emmanuela Cosmetics. With over two decades of experience in the skincare and beauty industry, I found myself in a repetitive cycle of insecurity, anxiety, and stress due to hyperpigmentation. Emmanuela Cosmetics originated from this deeply personal experience. I was always worried about my skin, letting it affect every aspect of my life. I found myself constantly hiding behind layers of makeup, unable to step out without covering my skin. However, I was determined not to let my skin issues define me. I decided to fight back and regain control.

This decision marked the start of a challenging journey to find a solution. I sought for help from my dermatologist and was given a prescription for hydroquinone!

Like a lot of us, and maybe even you, hydroquinone irritated my skin and made my condition worse. I wanted to get rid of the skin discoloration with a healthy option that wouldn’t irritate and harm my skin. As a temporary fix, I pilled heavy makeup on my skin to hide the imperfections.

Just like you, I believe we should never have to sacrifice our health to look good. Yet, that is the solution that my Dermatologist was offering. My own experiences in skincare and my journey as a patient put me in a unique position and led me to create a healthy skincare product that would free all of us from making that choice.

After innumerable tests, trials, and disappointments, I developed a formula that worked wonders on my sensitive skin. The transformation was surreal - my hyperpigmentation and uneven skin disappeared, and my skin regained its lost radiance, my confidence was restored, and I could finally show off my glow without relying on makeup. This newfound confidence was freeing.

The change was so remarkable that I started receiving countless compliments. Even my friends and family started noticing my revitalized radiance. They asked for my secret formula, and when they experienced significant improvements themselves, it was a revelation for me.

I realized I had the capability to instill this newfound confidence in many other women facing similar skin challenges. That's how Emmanuela Cosmetics came into being - an inclusive luxury skincare brand designed to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

At Emmanuela Cosmetics, we strongly believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered and confident in their skin. Our products, made from top-quality, non-toxic ingredients, are scientifically proven to help your skin overcome hyperpigmentation, retain moisture, reduce fine line and wrinkles and combat signs of aging. This leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft, and radiant.